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Safety Program Support

Safety Program Support Provided by Landin OS&H Consultants

To support safety in the workplace, Landin, Inc. provides Occupational Safety and Health Services to all members. Landin OS&H consultants are available to help you create and implement a safety program for your company.

All members can expect to be visited by OS&H consultants within the first 45 days of enrollment. These safety experts will also conduct routine inspections, make random visits, and provide extra attention when a member has a large loss or near miss incident.

Landin OS&H consultants are on hand to assist with:

  • Safety meeting materials
  • Review of and/or development and implementation of formal, written safety programs as a requirement of membership
  • Respond to questions regarding safe practices or procedures
  • Researching OSHA industry, and consensus standards as necessary
  • Provide safety training through such things as on-site meetings, toolbox talks and through the newsletter, Commerce Connection

Each member agrees to initiate and maintain an environment that provides its employees with safe and sanitary working conditions and agrees to follow the general rules and recommendations of the Group and the Service Agent in this field to promote the general welfare of its employees. However, each Member shall remain solely responsible for all decisions concerning its safety program and practices and may not rely upon evaluation and/or recommendations made by the Group, the Board, the Service Agent, the Administrator or their representatives in making final decisions concerning its safety program and practices.

For any inquiries about Occupational Safety & Health services please don’t hesitate to contact the Landin OS&H Department at (804) 359-9600.